A healthy and happy 2020 from all of us at TLCT

We are looking forward to meeting you on one of our courses at TLCT in the coming year. One of which is the Award in Education & TrainingSpending the holidays with friends and family brings it home to us how important this time together is to our health and well-being. Sharing time with loved ones strengthens the bonds between both friends and family. The laughter and tears bring us closer to the ones we love and deepens our understanding of the needs of our nearest and dearest. However, for some this is not the case. For some the festive time is a sad and lonely time of year; unfortunately, it is not necessarily a happy time of year for all.

Many people will be struggling as they return to work in the New Year. Support from friends and colleagues will be crucial to some in holding on and making sense of it all. We can all help in this and be there for those who need us. Remember, it could be you and a helping hand may be just what you need to get going again. So, let’s look after each other.

If this is you, why not take a course, meet new friends and expand your knowledge?

We are looking forward to meeting you on one of our courses at TLCT in the coming year. One of which is the Award in Education and Training. At the outset of this course, we look at the barriers to learning and learners needs. It is good practice in our roles as tutors to be responsible and professional in promoting and supporting inclusive learning. Whilst, as tutors it is not our place to be everything to all people or a font of all knowledge, it is our duty to support learners and signpost them to the help they may need. Therefore, we need to know our limitations and the boundaries within which we work. Good practice could include being aware of organisations within your area and the services they can offer; possibly building up a working relationship with a few. These could include Citizens Advice, drug, alcohol or bereavement counsellors, homeless shelters or financial support groups. Within Sheffield there are many organisations we can turn to for the help and advice we need. Visit www.iaptsheffield.shsc.nhs.uk for further links and information on support available for both yours and your leaners’ health and well-being.

The Award in Education and Training is an introduction to those who already or are considering working in further education and training. This could be within private training, colleges or local authorities. It replaces the previous PTTLS. We have availability in February so please do contact us info@tlct.co.uk or 07909 996881 or 0114 357 0182 to book your place on this ever popular course.