Training Client Testimonials – See For Yourself

Below you can find some training client testimonials from clients past and present. Over the years we’ve worked with hundreds of individuals and organisations to deliver high-quality First Aid, Mental Health First Aid and Driver training in and around Yorkshire and nationally.

Wendy was a very lovely trainer, well understood by everyone. Very clear.

Sarah, Emergency First Aid at Work 17/08/2023

Wendy was excellent knowledge, great personality, made it fun and easy.

Simon, Emergency First Aid at Work 17/08/2023

Excellent. Good balance of knowledge and fun.

Juliette, Emergency First Aid at Work 17/08/2023


Louis, Emergency First Aid at Work 17/08/2023

Friendly and informative.

Lesley, Emergency First Aid at Work 16/08/2023

Very good, very knowledgeable. Made the course very calming.

Stacey, Emergency First Aid at Work 16/08/2023

Excellent. Thank you very much for your time it was a pleasure.

Jack, Emergency First Aid at Work 16/08/2023

Really informative, super lovely and really helpful. Wendy was amazing and I’d highly recommend her to others. Really helpful and supportive throughout the course.

Shauna, Emergency First Aid at Work 16/08/2023

Perfect, bubbly, friendly and made me feel comfortable. Thank you and keep being yourself!

Reece R, Emergency First Aid at Work 16/08/2023

Excellent. 10/10.

Reece B, Emergency First Aid at Work 16/08/2023

Friendly. Course was enjoyable, easy to follow. Trainer was knowledgeable and made you feel relaxed.

Laura, Emergency First Aid at Work 16/08/2023

Very thorough and happy to go into further detail when needed.

Tracey, Emergency First Aid at Work 16/08/2023

Excellent. Wendy was aware that some people might find certain topics difficult. Thank you.

Frances, Emergency First Aid at Work 31/05/2023

Very informative, friendly, friendly. Could answer all questions asked. Was very informative but was also enjoyable and fun.

Michaela, Emergency First Aid at Work 31/05/2023

Very thorough. Made sure everyone was comfortable. Kept light and engaged. Thank you.

Lorraine, Emergency First Aid at Work 31/05/2023

I have served in the RAF for 30 years and attended many courses. This course was really enjoyable.

A Reffell, Emergency First Aid at Scene

Wendy was absolutely lovely and made us all feel so welcome. She really knows her stuff and encouraged us to ask questions. The discussion was well facilitated and led in a compassionate, non-judgemental way no matter how much knowledge we had initially. I had a lovely day, thank you!


The course was explained very well with lots of opportunities to ask questions. Steve ensured everyone was happy before moving to the next subject and emailed everyone links to the subjects from the session which was a nice touch.

Graham P, OLAT 06/01/2022

Wendy was very clear and concise. Really friendly and knowledgeable. It was at a good level and wasn’t too hard and confusing. I really enjoyed this course and would recommend it to others.


Very knowledgable and engaging.

R Parrish, OLAT for Drivers & Supervisors

Steve takes time to answer questions fully and comprehensively. He explains things in an extremely coherent manner. You would go a long way to find an instructor as competent and friendly.

Mr D Davies, OLAT 22/07/2021

I really enjoyed Wendy’s style and openness. I liked the way that she checked in with us all to see how we understood or how we felt emotionally.


Enjoyed the course, Steve was professional and knowledgeable and remembered everyone’s name right from the start of the course! Extra little nuggets of information and background info on why things are done the way they are and the legislation that went with it. Many thanks.

Mr A Heathcote, Emergency First Aid at Work

A great trainer and excellent speaker. Willing to listen and answer questions.


Steve was very easy to get on with and explained things precisely and in great detail. It was a pleasure to be in the meeting.

Julian Green

Very knowledgeable with a wide range of examples. Very passionate about the subject.


“My first online course, and it was fantastic! Really smooth and just as good as being there live. Thanks again.”

Adrian Birtwistle

“May I take this opportunity to thank you for all your help in the arrangements and organisation for periodic training that our employees have attended.

The courses are always very informative and structured to our requirements.

The feedback from our employees is always positive.

I feel that the relationship that has been built up with Transport & Logistics Compliance Training has been both fruitful and supportive.

Your help and knowledge has been very much appreciated over the years and may that continue long into the future.”

Justin Readings, Transport Manager, NEP UK

Wendy is a lovely and amazing teacher. Thank you.


“I have been using Transport & Logistic Compliance Training, to carry out our Driver training (CPC) along with supervisor – managerial courses, We have used Steve for many years and has always acted in a professional manner, very accommodating with the course content to ensure our requirements are fully met.

Very flexible with course start times as we run day – night shifts, equipment used in practical sessions are up to date and fully functional for the classes being run. The depth of knowledge in the courses the company run is second to none, all delegates who attend his courses have always given very positive feedback and have taken something away from the course what they have learnt. The material content used in his sessions are up to date and the quality of handouts or booklets are of a good quality which will withstand time.

It is a pleasure doing business with Steve and I have no worries about any training being booked, not going ahead or last minute cancellations as he will always ensures he has appropriate cover in place.”

“Steve has delivered training for our organisation for close on 5 years. Initially he worked as a Tutor for a training company providing us with various CPC courses. After a period of about 18 months he set up his own Company, TLCTUK. We felt Steve was the best of several CPC Tutors that we had used and at that stage we were quite happy to procure his services as an independent provider, for what was just a couple of CPC courses to begin with. From then he has increased the breath of courses that he can offer on the CPC and has also engaged additional Tutors to work on his behalf. Steve and his team have been able to deliver the following courses for us :-

  • Professional Driver
  • Health & Wellbeing
  • First Aid and Manual Handling
  • Driver Hours & Transport Law
  • Safe & Compliant Driver
  • First Aid

These courses have proved very popular during the last 3 years of the 5 year CPC cycle. From his personal perspective the feedback received from our customers have been overwhelmingly positive and it has allowed us to retain literally all of our customers. The message of the quality that we provide has been spread and has allowed us to increase our customer database significantly. He brings a wealth of personal experience in the transport industry into the classroom but has also developed a strong and personable teaching style that customers, particularly drivers have appreciated.

As well as being strong on the personality side he has excellent attention to detail and as well as delivering the necessary technical information in the courses he has also dealt with all of the post course administration very successfully and has developed a strong working relationship with JAUPT.

I would highly recommend Steve to any organisation seeking excellent training within the transport industry and feel absolutely sure that he can further develop his skills in new technical areas to continue to broaden the range of training that he can provide to customers.”

Wendy was brilliant she set the precedent early on and ensured everyone was calm and comfortable. Her delivery was so clear and thorough. Wendy made it a safe, non-judgemental space. Thank you.


“Really enjoyed all of the sessions with Steve. This last one (Emergency First Aid at Scene) was probably the best, Thanks, Steve!”

Craig D, Course Delegate

“Ages since I’ve done a First Aid course and I learned loads. Thanks Steve.”

Paul D, Course Delegate

Wendy was welcoming, very lovely, full of energy and helps you to remember stuff!


“Was a bit sceptical about doing First Aid online but, the tutor made it very interesting and relevant to my job. Some good information on what to do at the scene of an accident and I thought the defib information was good.”

Terry A, Course Delegate

“As usual, Steve made the content interesting and engaging (The Safe & Compliant Driver)”

Peter H, Course Delegate

“A strange experience being online but,excellent course. (Driver Health, Safety & Wellbeing)”

David H, Course Delegate

“Not met anyone yet that likes Driver CPC but, this was by far the best session I’ve had. Clear information which made sense and the instructor didn’t waffle on telling stories. (The Professional Driver)”

John S, Course Delegate

“Steve made a potentially boring subject very enjoyable, understandable and threw in some fun as well! My last one but, will be back! Thanks again, Steve. (Drivers Hours & Transport Law)”

Alex C, Course Delegate

Wendy was very thorough. Made sure everyone was comfortable. Kept it light and engaged. The group work didn’t feel as uncomfortable as I expected.


“Excellent course, very well explained by Steve, great detail and after course materials. left this comment from the same session: Another very well delivered session.”

R Fearn (Referring to OLAT for Drivers & Supervisors), Course Delegate

“Another very well delivered session”

K Knapper, Course Delegate