Why should I attend this course?

We always design our Driver CPC sessions to be informative, engaging and up to date and this session is no exception.

Our industry is packed full of rules, regulations and laws, all of which could land you in trouble if they are not adhered to so, let’s have a brief look at what this session offers.

  • The Highway Code is an integral part of every drivers daily routine and a part that is sadly overlooked by many. We will delve into the legislation changes and look at the rules that could have a major impact on the commercial vehicle driver.
  • Driver Attitudes: Your attitude is massively important, so much so that it could cost you your job so, with this in mind we look at how your attitude and that of other road users can have a negative impact on both driver and the employer. Managing your road risk has never been more important given the fact there are over 34 million drivers on our roads so, we look at how to avoid unwanted interactions and the triggers that can lead to road rage and more importantly to making the wrong decision! Linking into this we take a look into how accidents happen and how to avoid them.
  • Safe Loading and the Approved Code of Practice: Your pre use check should include a check of the vehicle, load and any ancillary equipment. We will take you through the DVSA recommendations for vehicle checking and consider the guidelines set out by them. We will take you through the basics of load safety, what constitutes a safe load, load and vehicle dynamics, securing devices and much more.
  • Keeping Healthy and Dealing with Stress: Something many of us need to do more of is look after ourselves so, within the session we take a look at how we can make small lifestyle changes, dealing with stress and many of the outside factors that affect us at work.

This is just a snap shot of this particular session which hopefully will help you decide whether the course is right for you. For more detail and further information on Driver CPC in Sheffield why not give us a call? We don’t charge for advice and we are always happy to help.