At TLCT we offer the Mental Health First Aid in the Workplace L3, Understanding Mental Health in the Workplace L2 and an Awareness of Mental Health. Please visit our website for further information.

Mental Health Awareness week runs from Monday 9th May to Sunday 15th May. The theme this year is loneliness. The causes of loneliness can be manifold. The pandemic and consequent lockdowns caused many people to be isolated. People who had found a connection with the outside world through their world of work became cut off, isolated and lonely. However, it is not just the pandemic which has been a causal factor. Moving to a new area, losing family and friends through age or illness, relationship breakups, social anxiety or living in a remote area can all add to a sense of loneliness.

The Mental Health Organisation is running their campaign “Let’s Connect”. The organisation is asking both individuals and organisations to consider their unique contribution to tackling loneliness, isolation, and barriers to connection. They have four key areas for us all to consider:

Raise Awareness: Ensure people understand the impact loneliness can have on our mental health. There are many downloads available from mental health organisations which you could use to signpost those around you at work or within your community. Why not enrol on one of our mental health courses here at TLCT? An understanding goes a long way to supporting our colleagues, communities, friends, and family.

Invite Conversations: The Mental Health Organisation has a free download on how to start that difficult conversation and offers Clic, an online community which fosters conversations about mental health. Our courses at TLCT also offer guidance on how to listen to and support colleagues, family, and friends during times of mental health need.

Volunteer your time: Why not check in on someone at work or within your community and actively support them? You could also volunteer for an organisation such as the Mental Health Organisation, Red Cross or Mind in a variety of capacities supporting people in your community.

Ask Others to Act: Once we have raised awareness on the issues of loneliness, we need to encourage everyone to act and support the people of their community.

The charity Mind says that we all experience and talk about mental health differently. But we aren’t always listened to. For the upcoming awareness week Mind has the logo “If this speaks to you, speak to mind”. On their website, there is a raft of free downloadable banners for Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook.

Mind also has a confidential information line where you can either talk to an advisor or read through their information pages. They also have Side By Side which is a supportive online community helping people to connect and understand their mental health issues. Finally, they have Local Minds which are nationwide and tailored to support the local community.

The Red Cross has a section on its website discussing loneliness and ways to overcome this situation.

Loneliness affects millions of people each year and is a key driver to poor mental health. Why not take the opportunity May 9th – 15th to raise awareness and support your local community in tackling the loneliness experienced by so many. Have a chat over a coffee or even just pass the time of day with someone in the queue – it could make the world a better place for that someone.

At TLCT we offer courses in Level 3 Mental Health First Aid in the Workplace, Level 2 Understanding Mental Health in the Workplace, or Mental Health Awareness. Learning how to listen to and support someone in your family, workplace or social circle could change their life.

If this speaks to you, speak to Mind.