Poor mental health results in many days lost to absenteeism or employees not being as productive as they otherwise would. Britain loses 5 billion pounds to this each year according to the Health and Safety Executive. Follow this link to the workbook they have produced to assist employers in tackling workplace stress.

The Health and Safety Executive guidelines state that all employers should provide suitable first aid cover within the workplace. This first aid however does not apply to mental health.

Tory MP Dean Russell has suggested to the house of commons that it become law for trained Mental Health First Aiders to be in all workplaces. This introduction would reduce the number of days taken in sick leave due to mental health issues, increase productivity and help prevent suicide attempts.

Would you know where to signpost a colleague to who was experiencing depression, anxiety, or an eating disorder? How would you listen to and support someone with suicidal thoughts? The training courses at TLCT work through these mental health issues and provide you with the confidence to listen to colleagues with empathy and genuineness.

At TLCT we deliver both accredited and non-accredited Mental Health at Work courses. These training courses will enable employees to identify the signs and symptoms of mental health issues in their colleagues. Our Mental Health Training courses help explore and understand the listening skills required when a colleague starts to talk about their problems and who to signpost them to for help.

Which training course would be the best fit for you and your workplace?

Awareness of Mental Health at Work enables the company to reduce the stigma and prejudice associated with poor mental health. All workers would benefit from the Awareness of Mental Health in the Workplace offered by TLCT whether Level 1 accredited or non-accredited. It is only half a day but is time well spent. With more awareness of the issues experienced by co-workers who may be suffering from anxiety, depression, or suicidal thoughts more support can be offered, and the stigma associated with mental health issues will be reduced.

Understanding Mental Health in the Workplace Level 2 is a one-day course. This course helps workers identify the signs of distress, how to listen and how to implement workplace action plans for the most common mental health issues experienced by co-workers such as stress, anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, eating disorders or self-harm.

The Mental Health First Aid at Work Level 3 is a two-day course. This course is very similar to Level 2 but explores even more mental health issues experienced by many in the workplace such as psychosis, self-harm and bipolar. This course provides the qualification of Mental Health First Aider since it is more in-depth than Level 2. This course also provides more shared lived videos which help to underpin the theory elements of the course.

All the mental health in the workplace courses delivered at TLCT provide a platform for discussion and an understanding of a subject previously regarded as the elephant in the room.

Get your workforce ahead of the game and remember a small change could make a big difference to employers, employees, and productivity.

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